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Actors Reveal The Popular Movie Scenes That Almost Made Them Quit

The lifetime of a film star can seem glamorous and carefree before you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. As we’ve seen, it takes an excellent deal of effort, sacrifice, and diligence, often to the point that they hurt themselves and almost abandon a movie .

But it’s their commitment that keeps them there, and eventually it all pays off, and those iconic scenes are greeted with rapturous applause. We’ve assembled a list of a number of the most difficult times in the lives of well-known Hollywood actors.

1. The Revenant: Leonardo DiCaprio’s journey to winning an Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio has acknowledged that his character in the Revenant was the most difficult role he has ever played. The star is a proud vegan, but the script forced him to eat a raw bison liver on camera at one point in order to remain alive.

2. Michelle Rodriguez and the unwelcome love triangle in The Fast and The Furious

Rodriguez became enraged after reading the script and learning that her character, Letty Ortiz, was meant to betray Dom for Brian. She didn’t believe an alpha woman would abandon an alpha man for a pretty boy. She was ready to leave because she thought the scriptwriter hadn’t done justice to her part. Thankfully, the director rewrote the script to include Dom’s sister, Mia.

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