Viral Photos That Turned Out to Be Fakes

One drop of seawater magnified 25 times

This photo has been viral for several years. Many of you would possibly be surprised at the quantity of plankton in only one drop of seawater. However, the title of the photo is sort of confusing. In fact, you’d need to filter the quantity of water enough to fill a swimming bath with a special net to collect that much plankton. After the filtration, of these organisms would fit into a glass. Therefore, that much plankton are often found in dozens of plenty of water – not in one drop. Besides, you’ll see the side of a Petri dish during this photo.

Moon Perfectly Fitting On A Skyscraper

There’s may be a weird obsession with moons in viral photos, it seems that if you actually want to possess a well-liked photo, just add a moon within the most unrealistic place and there you’ve got it. That’s exactly what happened with this photo taken by Mo Aoun.

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