Viral Photos That Turned Out to Be Fakes

The other side of Jupiter

There’s a stimulating story behind this photo. many of us doubted its authenticity and are sure it had been edited. They also use the photo below as proof.

When you first check out the semi-sphere, you’ve got doubts about the authenticity of the photo of the most important planet within the system . the reality is that the first photo may be a real image that was actually sent back by the Cassini guided missile around Saturn. At the top of 2000, on its thanks to Saturn, Cassini took a photograph of Jupiter’s South Pole . you’ll see this photo on NASA’s website.

But during this case, the “proof” photo is really a fake: the photo of Jupiter was edited and pasted onto a ball. those that still have doubts can watch this video, where this ball is cut in half.

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