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You Must Stop Doing This Before going to Doctor

5. Don’t eat red food before getting a colonoscopy.

Natural red food will color your colon and affect the study outcome. Among the things you’ll avoid are beets, cranberries, red sweets, red frosting, red liqueur, tomatoes and spaghetti sauce a minimum of one week before colonoscopy. you ought to always note that this does not mean they go to eat items of a special color before getting to the doctor. you will only eat clear, liquid foods the day before the procedure.

6. Don’t eat a salty meal before having a blood pressure test.

The American Heart Association recommends that no quite 2,300 milligrams of salt be eaten per day. It leads to a rise in vital sign and other adverse effects. So, you shouldn’t eat fast snacks, nuts, beans, or other things that contain plenty of salt before the study. Otherwise, results are often falsely high.

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