Weird Things Every Couple Do in Relationships


4.You inspect each other’s weird hairs and moles and other bodily growths.

If you’ve ever checked your partner’s butt for hemorrhoids, you might be in a LTR. (You also might need some space and your partner should probably go to an actual doctor.) I like to do what I call “inspection” on my man’s face, where I get to tweezer overgrown beard hairs. It is the highlight of my life and I once met Oprah, so you know I’ve had a good life.

5. You sing to your pets.

My fiancé and I have about 10,000 different songs for our dogs; my favorite is simply called “It’s doggie dinner time” and just involves us sing-screaming “It’s doggie dinner time!” over and over again until our pups absolutely lose it. It’s the best.

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