Weird Things Every Couple Do in Relationships


43. Having $e-x whether you just just showered or not.

44. And finally, doing a stupid dance in front of each other while you’re cooking/cleaning the house/getting ready in the bathroom because you know you’re each other’s best audience!


Yes, it’s important that your partner accepts you for who you are and doesn’t try to change you (’cause that’ll open a whole can of worms that isn’t fun for anyone). But Seda Gragossian, a licensed psychologist at Talk Therapy Psychology Center, says it’s equally important that couples be able to provide each other with constructive criticism when necessary. The most important part: Not being afraid to actually say it.

“When you feel accepted, like one often does when they’re in a healthy relationship, that ultimately leads to feeling safe and secure,” she explains. “When a person feels safe, it’s much easier to accept constructive criticism that’s necessary for personal growth and the growth of the couple.” So, yes, it is okay to offer advice about how he could improve on his work presentation, or suggest new ways to help him nail that running race he’s training for. What’s not okay? Criticizing each other for things you cannot change, like whether he’s more extroverted or how much alone time you need.

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