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Netflix Movies About Extra Martial Affairs

3. Love (2015)

This 2015 movie has been written and directed by Gaspar Noe. What Noe has attempted here is to try and shoot explicit $e-xual acts as aesthetically as possible. The central character of the movie is called Murphy. He lives in Paris and is an American film student. Murphy has been dating a French girl named Electra for two years, but the movie is in a nonlinear format and thus all we know about him and Electra are recalled in flashbacks. Both of them were hedonistic creatures taking in the pleasures Paris has to offer. They enjoy drugs and a whole lot of $e-x. A third person, Omi, a 16-year-old girl enters the relationship when the three of them decide to sleep together. Murphy then one day ends up having $e-x with Omi when Electra was not present, and this sees Omi getting pregnant.

The movie is a cinematographic marvel, but neither the story nor the characters are that well-developed and sometimes the movie gives the feeling that the explicit scenes are the highlights of the entire thing. Noe does raise questions about unprotected $e-x, $e-xual relationships with a minor and its implications. Interestingly, the movie was released in 3D.

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