Movies Every Couple Must Watch Alone


4. B.A. Pass (2013)

Ajay Bahl’s ‘B.A. Pass’ did not do commercially well, but he did take a bold step in this movie by trying to talk about a taboo subject hardly ever mentioned in Indian films. The story of this film is about Mukesh. He has just entered his undergrad course and lives in the city with his relatives. Mukesh is fond of playing chess, and the game becomes a recurring feature in the movie which acts as a subtle commentary on his life. Mukesh is one day sent by her aunt to a family friend’s house to run an errand, and here, he meets Sarika. Sarika’s husband does not remain in town for long stretches of time, which leaves her $e-xually frustrated and thus, she tries to seduce Mukesh and becomes successful in doing so. They regularly have $e-x and Sarika even starts paying him for $e-xual favors and even introduces him to other housewives who are ready to pay him for his $e-xual services. Mukesh also finds this an easy way of earning money and starts becoming quite a professional, only when things start getting problematic for him and Sarika.

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