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Netflix Movies About Extra Martial Affairs

What do we mean by taboo? It is something which will not be encouraged to happen by society as human civilization as we know it stands on some cultural belief systems which human beings have always considered too sanctimonious to be broken. And if the taboo becomes the norm, the basic social structure on which everything stands starts disintegrating. Now the degree of deviation from social norms only tells why a particular taboo subject should not be touched on in any way. We cannot get involved $e-xually with our family members, as this, in the long run, will produce offsprings that will not be physically and mentally sound. And if this happens in large numbers, society faces a major threat.

Having said that, we have to admit that taboo subjects have been of special interest for us since time immemorial. It is only because what is so prohibited, creates an aura of interest around itself just because of the prohibition and the fact that it cannot be talked about. And here, what we should all admit is that there is a certain degree of perversion in every single human being. There are some who dare to explore it and there are some who are just too afraid to have a peek into the darker sides of their beings.

Very recently, Lars von Trier says in his movie, ‘The House That Jack Built’ (2018) that man’s darkest desires are always manifested in art, and while the character says so, we see some disturbing imaging from some of Von Trier’s own movies. So, here’s the list of really good taboo relationship movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now.

16. Nasha (2013)

This Indian movie deals with a relationship which has been explored in many movies around the world. It tells the story of a school boy named Saahil who falls for his dramatics teacher Anita. However, he finds out that one of his classmates regularly has $e-x with Anita and this leaves him feeling terrible. A series of events follow where Saahil’s life goes through different revelations and Anita tries to come to terms with herself regarding her feelings for her students.

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