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20 Hilarious People Take Instagram Edits To The Next Level

Taking a glance at an Instagram feed, you’ll notice that there are tons of perfect images. However, it’s not surprising that things aren’t always as they appear. Anyone’s appearance are often dramatically altered by the proper posture, lighting, and even a filter. These images have fueled unrealistic beauty ideals and can make people feel self-conscious about their appearance. The Subreddit “Instagram reality” posts side-by-side images of an edited picture vs the original version in an attempt to keep the battle for body positivity going and raise awareness about social media’s deceitful existence.

Stretch marks, rugged noses, belly rolls, and even cellulite are shown within the actual versions. It’s best to go at your own speed because there’s no such thing as a flawless lifestyle. Many of us are currently handling serious body image problems, and we don’t want that to continue. That’s why we gathered some surprising images from the community, and they’re bound to leave you speechless. Keep an eye on what you’re looking at!

“I was online shopping when I came across this dress… And those shoulders…” Hmmmm….


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