Famous P0-rn Movies Based On Hollywood Movies You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!


4. Superman XXX A p0-rn Parody

Superman: The man of Steel has yet again come wild into your fantasy with a p0-rn parody with the adventure and $e-x that you cannot refuse to take a look at. Lois Lane cannot get hotter than ever and she takes the tool of steel in her custody to make it more exciting. Superman saves Metropolis from Lex Luthor’s giant missile, but inadvertently frees three Kryptonian criminals, who immediately head for Earth.

5. Diary of Love – A XXX Romance Adaption Of The Notebook

The award-winning parody of Romance, Diary of Love-XXX is adapted from the love story of Noah and Ally who are fighting against social norms. The meeting of the summer love sprouts into a romantic saga of the two. Ally and Noah, after seven years of separation, enjoy a rejuvenation.

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