15 Horror Movies That Are Basically Just P0-rn


9. Jennifer’s Body (2009)

‘Megan Fox as a man-eater’ isn’t just a tabloid selling headline but is additionally the USP of ‘Jennifer’s Body’. The film is every guy’s fantasy come true. Fox’s character Jennifer d!es and returns from the de-@d with an ev!l agenda. She se=duces guys and k!lls them after having #e-xual with them. The film may be a low brow #e-x thriller whose only purpose is to titillate the audience with suggestive images and well Jennifer’s body. And it works perfectly well for you if you’re not trying to find something quite that. Megan Fox is effortless in her role, but naturally. it had been a politician selection at the 2009 Toronto International festival which makes one wonder if the director was aiming at something above just providing cheap thrills. regardless of the intention was it clearly didn’t compute . All that stays with you is Megan Fox making weird (suggestive) faces and in fact her kissing Amanda Seyfried.

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