15 Horror Movies That Are Basically Just P0-rn


12. Nekromantik (1987)

If you’ve got a fetish for the de@d (I don’t mean love for the zombie genre), then you don’t really need to visit the Dark Web, ‘Nekromantik’ is here to unravel all of your problems. The movie revolves around a few that practice necrophilia and also indulges in such shocking subversive material, it can’t be translated into words. The film follows a street cleaner who brings home a decaying corpse to urge inventive within the bedroom but is shocked when his wife prefers the corpse and its steel phallus over him. Yeah, it probably sounds absurdly funny and you maybe brooding about the guy who got “corpse-zoned” but Nekromantik is as dark because the strap on the wife’s stockings.

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