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15 Horror Movies That Are Basically Just P0-rn

If you check out the history of flicks , no other genre has exploited #e-x quite horror. Filmmakers have used horror as a garb to point out #e-x on-screen. Sometimes, the #e-x is explicit; at other times, it’s wiped out a more tasteful way (but you usually know the intention is to titillate audiences). apart from a few movies on this list, I don’t think #e-x was necessary in the least . And once you put graphic #e-x on-screen with none reason, then basically it falls into the zone of “P0-rn”. Here is that the list of top horror P0-rn films with many nudity. you’ll watch a number of these P0-rn like horror movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

15. The Demoniacs

In terms of traditional h0rr0r credentials, The Demoniacs scores high: it’s got ev!l p!rates, the Dev!l, r@= pe, a clown. It’s like they’re trying for the h0rr0r full house.

The film uses #ex as part of its h0rr0rs, as the shipwrecked girls are by the “wreckers”, but it then confuses the whole message by having the wreckers enjoy “normal” #ex, and then the v!ct!ms gaining powers from a mystery man through having #ex with him. The plot is complex,but you’re left with so many questions by the end

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