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Most Awkward Wedding Photos That Will Make You Laugh

Weddings are often formulaic, so it is often nice when the bride and groom plan to put their own personal touch on the celebrations. However, it’s possible to require individuality a touch too far as this collection of bizarre wedding portraits from round the world prove. While within the Western world it’s all about romance, beauty and gazing longingly into each other’s eyes, couples prefer to let their humor and personalities shine through. And as you’ll see, they often come up with bizarrely creative and hilarious examples which will never be forgotten!

The wedding traditions might cause the result of those hilariously funny pictures, because the celebration involves indecent amounts of Vodka, foods, and dancing which may last up until every week . Surely, after partying for every week , some bizarre ideas are sure to pop into your head.

From questionably tacky efforts and therefore the infamous slav squat in every second picture to some that are obviously poking fun at themselves, these guys clearly love using bad photoshop almost the maximum amount as they love one another . To celebrate this, we here at we’ve compiled an inventory of our favorites for you to enjoy and take inspiration from if you would like your photograph to be a touch different from the boring standard formula that we tend to stay to.

#1 He Sure Loves Watermelon

#2 Not Conforming To Gender Roles, I Guess

#3 And Now The First Dance… Wife: “I Got This”

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