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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Remove Your Pubic Hair

Waxing of the pubic curly hair to so many people, is nothing new. The few sociological theories have suggested that shaving of the pubic hair has to do with ethnic trends spawned by certain hairless actors and performers or even a misdirected attempt at hygiene. The most typical body areas shaved would be the underarms, legs, pubic area, eyebrows, and face for women; the face, abdomen, back again, chest, groin, and hip and legs for males. While a lot of people prefer wax, shaving is the most frequent method used for the underarms, legs, and pubic area.

Why do people remove it?

There are a lot of reasons why people get rid of their pubic hair. Some of the most common ones are discussed below.

Social norms

Grooming pubic hair has been common practice for centuries. Today, at least some hair removal is common.

Some theories link this trend to increased accessibility to porn, where hairlessness is the norm.

A lot of people remove their pubic hair to conform to this aesthetic standard.

For instance, in the 2013 survey cited above, 31.5 percent of women who reported grooming their pubic hair did so because they believed it would make their genitals more attractive.

In the same survey, men were less likely than women to report grooming for this reason.

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