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Hilarious Comics By Adam Ellis With A Dark Humor

Adam Ellis, often referred to as ‘Adamtots,’ may be a graphic designer and illustrator who rose to prominence recently. Adams is well-known for his multiple webcomics and has amassed a following of over three million people on social media. Adam started his blog in 2010, and therein year he published his first book, named “Book of Adam: The Blunder Years.” The book may be a series of hilarious trials and tribulations to become a productive member of society, as Adam describes it. Adam announced his resignation from BuzzFeed in early 2018 to follow his goals of becoming a comic book book writer.

He’s currently focusing all of his energies on solo projects, and his wonderful comics do indeed touch on relevant events that occur in lifestyle . Adam generally employs exaggerated themes and phrases without losing contact with reality, because of a dark undertone formula. His comics are one-of-a-kind, with an interesting sense of humour, especially in light of today’s world. We’ve gathered an inventory of his 30 most up-to-date , and they’re bound to cause you to think. Take a peek around!




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