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Most Strangest People Ever Spotted Riding On The Subway

Public transportation certainly isn’t the foremost fun place to be. Whether you’re taking it a day on your thanks to work or simply once during a while, you’re likely to witness some strange things. Busses, trains, and subways tend to be chock filled with a mixture of various people. this suggests you’ve got to run into people you’d never see otherwise, and therefore the result are often an entertaining mixture of intrigue and embarrassment. inspect some interesting sights that commuters have noticed during their daily trips. (You might want to shop for a car after reading this text .

Man Wearing Crazy Mask On The Subway

Woman Smuggles Her Kitten Onto The Moscow Subway

When this woman was forced to bring her kitten onto the subway, she had no other option but to hide him in her coat. You see, animals of any kind are not allowed onto the Moscow subway system. People like this woman usually find some way around the rules, though. When an onlooker saw a tiny face sticking out, they snapped a photo- much to her dismay. She didn’t hesitate to give the photographer a withering look to show her disapproval.

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