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16 Banned Bollywood Movies That Are Totally Worth Watching

The Indian movie industry has mostly steered beyond social and political matters for the large screen. during a country like ours, these subjects rarely come without co-=ntro-=versy. But every once during a while, there comes a filmmaker who chooses to inform her/his story in their unique voice — brave, fearless and more importantly, unfettered by consequences. That is, until our Indian Censor Board steps in. But most of those have endured the test of such trials and eventually continue to form a mark. Here are banned Bollywood movies worth watching.

Most of those eventually did see light of the day, some even becoming landmark films in their respective genres.

Bandit Queen (1994)

Shekhar Kapoor’s biographical drama may be a tragic account of a lower-caste rebel who takes to a lifetime of cr!me. Despite not being historically accurate, it’s an examination of caste , and therefore the lives of girls of so-called ‘backwards ’ in India.

The film received critical acclaim at the 1994 Cannes festival , and at the 1995 New Directors New Films Festival in ny . But the real-life Phoolan Devi sued to stop the discharge of the film, which had also been banned by the Indian censors, fiercely disputing its accuracy. The scenes and therefore the Behmai village scene where she’s forced to steer n@-=ked up to the well, include a number of those.

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