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30 Incredible Before And After Makeup Transformations

Makeup won’t heal wounds but it can help people accept them. and that is exactly what Armenia-born and Moscow-based beauty guru Goar Avetisyan focuses on . Avetisyan regularly gives makeovers to women affected by ca’-nc-=er or severe skin conditions, and her work not only dramatically changes their appearance but boosts their confidence, too.

Looking at the before-and-after shots of her subjects, Avetisyan’s 4.6 million-big Instagram following doesn’t come as a surprise. Lashings of concealer, lip liner and clouds of hairspray – also as brilliant contouring – and that they all look excited about their new looks. Scroll right down to inspect the unbelievable transformations and upvote your favorites.

Women all round the world use it to point out how their faces change after they apply makeup. for a few girls, lipstick, blush, and eye shadow are just instruments that highlight their natural beauty, except for others, makeup is that the best thanks to change their look drastically.

#1 This Mom Of Two Never Had structure Done, Not Even For Her Wedding. She Said She’ll always remember This Moment

#2 Jamilya From Dagestan Got Severely bu-=rn-=eded When She Was Just 2,5 Years Old. Goar purchased The Tickets From Dagestan in order that She Could Have Her Confidence Boosted

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