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Viral Photos That Turned Out to Be Fakes

You’d think most are aware that not everything you see on the web is true. And yet, many of us blindly believe and admire photos that sometimes end up to be fake. what percentage of you thought that a cow resting on a BMW hood was skillfully fabricated? What about the photo of an iceberg that shows the highest and underwater bottom? many of us use it as a desktop background. Well, it is a fake too..

A purple forest in Scotland

A photo of the purple trees on the Isle of Skye looks so impressive that a lot of people are wanting to see it in real world . But many of them become very disappointed once they arrive here. The thing is, someone painted the forest purple in Photoshop. In fact, a true photo was taken near the Shotover River in New Zealand then edited in Photoshop.

Bear Chasing National Geographic Photographers


A photo showing a bear chasing a gaggle of National Geographic photographers would send shivers down anyone’s spine. Just imagining being in such a dangerous situation is terrifying. But since we’ve already proved there is no point in believing everything you see online, you’ll stop feeling bad about these photographer,s since the bear within the photo is really captured during a stock photo which will be easily found online.

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