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9 Reasons Why Older Women like Young Men as their partner

More and more women today are preferring younger men so far . Celebrities like Kate Moss, Priyanka Chopra, and Heidi Klum, when it involves love, don’t see age as an obstacle, so why should we? Dating younger men were less tolerated and frowned upon by society within the past, but we believe things have changed. Women will decide who they’re dating and zip goes to face in their path.

Younger men smell more attractive to women.

This is because the height of their wellbeing is in their bodies. actually , a study shows that as our body odour changes, the older we get the higher we smell. to stay sharp, young men also are more likely to wear scents like cologne and perfumes . It’s worth remembering that smells are a huge a part of the attraction because, like anything , we instinctively fall for his or her scent.

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