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8 Innerwear Mistakes You May Be Making

Many people don’t change their Innerwear as often as they ought to . In fact, some have admitted that they wear an equivalent pair of p@-nties for two days or longer. But besides re-wearing your skivvies before washing them, there are another mistakes most folks are unknowingly making when it involves Innerwear.

1. You’re wearing lace p@-nties.

Although lace Innerwear may look better than cotton p@-nties, wearing them comes with some pretty serious health risks. Because lace and other synthetic fabrics absorb sweat easily and aren’t breathable, it creates the right tract for bacteria round the priv@te area. This, in turn, may cause skin irritation and various infections. If you don’t like cotton Innerwear in the least , confirm that a minimum of the crotch of your p@-nties is lined in cotton, as this will prevent yeast infections from developing.

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