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40 Times People Spotted Hilariously Fake Instagrammers

There’s hardly the other place on the web where we will find as many fake photos as we will on Instagram. It looks like regardless of what influencer’s profile you attend , you’ll find hilariously edited photos, often filled with filters and reality-bending shapes. Yet even despite being caught faking their photos numerous times, some Instagrammers still still upload them almost daily. Inspired by these hilariously over photoshopped photos, someone even started a subreddit dedicated to them, and it already has over 903k members.

The subreddit in question is named Instagram Reality, and its users regularly upload the foremost hilarious Photoshop blunders they are available across on Instagram. Freakishly long legs, bizarre proportions, and poreless faces – inspect all the days people spotted hilariously fake Instagrammers and just had to share within the gallery below! And if you would like more, see our previous posts here, here, and here.

#1 Her Eyes Are Even Bigger

#2 That hand… that HAND!

#3 Found On A Dating App. I Am Genuinely Concerned

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