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40 Tattoo Fails That Are So Bad that they will make you Laugh

Please tell me this person is a doctor who just really cares about their patients.


Again, it’d be easy to make fun of this tattoo, but it’s based off an actual self-portrait Ben Franklin did of himself (in the time before drawing was invented).

It would be very funny to show this tattoo to that baby and have the baby go, “who’s that supposed to be? … Me? Oh. Dude. F*ck you.”

If there’s one thing we know about memes, it’s that they stay funny forever and never get old or dull or embarrassing.

Hey, sometimes you’ve only got a few minutes to both get a tattoo and throw down a Subway sandwich on your lunch break, so you just take what they can give you in that amount of time!

Okay, so this is actually a pretty well-done tattoo, but, like, why? Combining Dragon Ball Z and King of the Hill just opens up all kinds of questions about what is and isn’t canon. Doesn’t feel worth it.

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