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40 Tattoo Fails That Are So Bad that they will make you Laugh

Regret, we all experience it at one point, or another and zip stirs up remorse quite sort of a bad tattoo. Yes, an estimated 25% of individuals within the us have a tattoo, and as many as 50% of those once proud human canvases may find yourself wanting their funny tattoo art removed.

Before getting a tattoo, most folks spend an extended time picking the planning , consulting with the tattoo artist and selecting the right spot for our body art. The lesser a part of the people get drunk, find a guitar string, some pen ink, and presto – they now have a very regrettable tattoo.

As far as we will tell there’ll never be a scarcity of tattoo fails nor a shortage of individuals willing to share their ugly tattoos. Bored Panda has added a replacement list of bad tattoos that either didn’t go as planned or will cause you to question what goes through people’s minds. From bad artists who didn’t quite nail it to bizarre artistic choices, scroll down below to ascertain these cautionary tales of the worst tattoos ever.

Or they can be waking nightmares.

These tattoos are of the nightmare variety.


This seems like it should be a drunken mistake, but from the way this guy is (not) dressed, I’m pretty sure this guy is proud of it…


That’s not how clocks are numbered.

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