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40 Pretty Girls Reveal Their Ugliest Selfies on Internet

The popular trend “Pretty Girls Ugly Faces” started on Reddit back in 2012 and went viral quickly. Women upload provocative yet hilarious snaps of themselves with double chins, crossed eyes, and goofy teeth. Their funny results reveal the importance behind good lighting and the right angle. Moreover, they make a statement against flattering selfies and tell us to love ourselves as we are.

Female users are instructed to take a ‘normal’ headshot of themselves and then follow it up with goofy teeth, squashed lips and double chins – and they certainly don’t hold back in their efforts, as these pictures show.

This lady had professional shots taken of her. It’s her “chinvestment” in her future. It’s a good investment.

Is that you? One woman bares her teeth and shows off an impressive double chin in these before and after selfies uploaded to social media, part of the ‘pretty girls looking ugly’ fad

This girl was doing a vintage photoshoot. Then she decided to get weird with it. There was a lot of chincandescent lighting.

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