20 Mainstream Movies That Are Almost P0-rn


19. $e-x and Lucia (2001)


I don’t think I can explain the type of film ‘$e-x and Lucia’ is, but I can tell you that it’s borderline fantasy. Sure, a number of it’s real, and a few of it’s believable, but the story-less plot adds in way too many fantastical elements for its audience to know what proportion it distances itself from the truth it wishes to depict, at times. Narrated from the attitude of a possibly eccentric writer, who happens to be the boyfriend of the titular Lucia, it really is he who leads the tales that are told. it’s only the pictures that he conjures up in his imagination that we see unfold on film, all of which can perhaps be a confused recollection or a poetic interpretation of his past, and every one the items that led him to where he’s now. This film is extremely explicit with its content, featuring a number of the boldest scenes ever put to screen, but all of them aid the sedated atmosphere in how or the opposite , making for a worthwhile cinematic experience.

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