20 Mainstream Movies That Are Almost P0-rn


21. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)

If you’ve ever subjected yourself to the sleazy cinematic glory found in vintage low-budget erotica, then I’m sure you recognize that Russ Meyer’s someone to seem out for. his films are nonchalant, unstructured, openly critical about anything it wishes to criticize, and very campy in nature. tons of the p0-rnographic films of today owe their tropes to Meyer’s early works like this one, which is roofed from top to bottom in busty women who crave for nothing but $e-x. Following the story of three pop singers who wish to form it big after coming to Hollywood, the film attempts a rather weak parody at celebrity culture, that’s funny within the way a B movie would tickle your ribs. There’s some good nudity here and there, but the connection to be made here with p0-rnography is within the characters themselves. Though I don’t consider Meyer to be an honest director, i do know he’s a stimulating one, since his films never really bore me.

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