20 Mainstream Movies That Are Almost P0-rn


22. Emmanuelle: the thrill of a lady (1975)

I could have picked any of the Emmanuelle films to write down about on here, because they’re all soft-core wonders that made it big at the box office, appealing to a good range of mainstream audiences at the time of their respective releases. I pick the second installment, known by the title ‘The Joys of a Woman’, because i feel it’s a movie where just about all the weather of cinema which will be manipulated to draw in the senses of the audience during a sensual manner are effectively executed. Let it’s Francis Lai’s seductive music, or the soft portrait-like lighting set-up making each scene resemble a painting of some sort, or the abundant lovemaking that comes as a results of an admittedly poor script, or just lead Sylvia Kristel’s eyes – everything about this film is erotica at its very best . This cinematic push given to the genre through artistic elements make it more exciting than the quality $e-x film.

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