20 Mainstream Movies That Are Almost P0-rn


24. Henry & June (1990)

In the novel from which this film is tailored , Anais Nin’s character is intrigued by the titular couple, who helps decorate her erotic literary genre . Charmed by

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the way they are going about their $e-xual lives, she takes inspiration to boost her own back home, together with her husband Hugo. Not really constrained by means of a structured plot, the film sees Anais going about and exploring the various layers to human seduction by sexual love with several people , including Henry himself at some extent within the tale. Primarily, i might say that this looseness to the film’s storyline is what makes it resemble a p0-rnographic feature the foremost , since even with all that nudity, it’s this specific aspect that creates Philip Kaufman’s directorial venture stand out from the gang . Personally, i am keen on the way this film ends, because there’s this sense of completeness provided, which isn’t easy to speak given how hazy the narrative is.

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