18 Major Secrets Your Flight Attendants Won’t Tell You

They pay attention to your clothes.

Sweats may be comfortable to fly in, but if you want better treatment aboard a plane, it doesn’t hurt to put some effort into your outfit. “I first notice how passengers are dressed. Some people dress as if they made an effort to put forth a positive impression. Others look as if they grabbed clothes off the floor and ran out of the house,” says Steffanie Rivers, a flight attendant and author of The Do’s and Don’ts of Flying: A Flight Attendant’s Guide to Airline Travel Secrets, who says that acknowledging your flight attendants as you board and looking presentable are the first steps toward getting the crew to like you.

Slide in Emergency

In one such case, a traveler needed to get off the plane rapidly and utilized the inflatable slider. This made the flight delay by the quantity of hours and caused more dollars in harm. The repack of same likewise need dollars to be spent.

They can confirm how unhealthy airplane food is.

That airplane food isn’t any better for you than it looks. “It is really, really bad for you,” says a flight attendant for a major airline. “Even in training, we are told [airplane meals] are nutritionally useless because of the salt, sugar, fat, and simple carb content. Once in a while is fine, but if you are a frequent traveler, look into other options.”

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