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17 Secrets The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

You may think the sweetness industry has your best interests at bottom , but which will not be the case. Beauty companies strive hard to plug their products to appeal to consumers, but they skip some vital facts. If we all knew the reality about what the sweetness industry was hiding from us, would that stop us from loading abreast of the newest lipstick shades and facial creams that promise to form us look and feel 10 years younger? Probably not. But as consumers, we still have the proper to understand exactly what we’re getting ourselves into once we distribute our hard-earned money on the newest products.

If you had a sneaking suspicion that they beauty industry was keeping some deep dark secrets from consumers, you were right. Cosmetics companies highly exaggerate the effectiveness of their products, include harmful ingredients in many of their items and put them in stores all along with an overpriced tag . Today, we’re here to show the industry and its 17 secrets they do not want you to understand .

Many Products Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients

The shocking truth is that 20% of all cosmetics contain formaldehyde – a present compound that has been linked to cancer. For short-term use, formaldehyde may cause watery eyes, burning within the nose and throat, coughing and skin irritation; but the long-term effects are still unknown. Although there’s not any proof that formaldehyde may be a carcinogen in humans, a 1980 laboratory study showed exposure to the present compound caused nasal cancer in rats. we expect that’s quite enough proof that these things could potentially be deadly.

The beauty industry is well-aware of the findings, but formaldehyde continues to be a serious ingredient in many beauty products, including nail enamel , but the industry would much rather sweep its adverse effects under the rug. Thankfully, there are an array of beauty products on the market that don’t contain this harmful ingredient, but we sure wish the sweetness industry was more upfront with its products’ toxic components.

Don’t discount the advantages of sunscreen

Beautiful and healthy skin cannot be achieved without regular use of sunscreen. Mamie McDonald, a cosmetics expert who worked with Madonna, says that the other efforts you create are going to be vainly if you neglect this rule. Another celebrity cosmetologist, Dr. Lancer, advises the utilization of cream with SPF no but 30, reapplied during the day.

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