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15 Things You Should Never Do To Your Bre-@$ts

Keep the adhesive tape away


Resorting to employing a adhesive tape while wearing a dress with a risky neckline is usually a simple fix. But it can easily cause a nasty rash around your n!pples and you’ll develop an allergy to those adhesives. which may cause an eczema breakout during future use.

Never attempt to twist and rotate the b-=00-=bs 

The br-=e@-=$ts may look flexible and responsible to twisting, but there’s an elastic limit which, if breached, you start to offer the owner of the b-=00-=bs intense pain. Never attempt to twist and rotate the b-=00-=bs as if you’re squeezing clothes to dry or as if you’re trying to find a frequency

B-=0-=t0x can cause harm

B-=0t-=0x may be a very accessible solution for ladies who want to perk up their pair. But research has shown that B-=0t-=0x does little to deal with sagging skin and may often make them droop.

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