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15 Things You Should Never Do To Your Bre-@$ts

Pulling n!pples 

Women who have inverted n!pples during pregnancy might want to softly pull out the n!pples, in order that their n!pples are within the right position by the time the kid is born. A study published within the journal Clinical Lactation suggests that pulling n!pples during pregnancy can cause shooting pains and bizarre sensations in your body.

Never bite the br-=e@-=$ts


Okay, some women wish to roll in the hay rough, but it’s your duty to start out gentle and stay gentle until the owner of the b-=00-=bs says otherwise. Your teeth can do tons of injury thereto soft tissue!

Shave your N!pples


It might be tempting to shave the hair on your n!pples, but, don’t run a razor over your sensitive skin, as a study published within the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, suggests that it can cause infections.

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