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15 Things You Should Never Do To Your Bre-@$ts

Pierce N!pples


Don’t get your n!pples pierced because it can cause infections, bleeding, nerve damage, nipple cysts and other allergies . consistent with a study published within the American Journal Of Clinical Dermatology, piercing n!pples also can cause hepatitis B and C infection.

Never juggle/jiggle them

If you would like employment at the circus, attend the circus rather than practicing with those tender beauties. A woman’s br-=e@-=$ts hold tons of pleasures and jiggling them isn’t how to unleash those pleasures.

And from excessive smoking

It is known that smoking isn’t good for your lungs. except for women who smoke regularly, the toxins seep into the skin and temper with the elastin, making your b-=00-=bs saggy.

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