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15 Things You Should Never Do To Your Bre-@$ts

Leave those stray hair alone

We mean it. Because whenever you tug at those sensitive follicles, you create the naturally thin skin much thicker. this may make the hair grow back faster and thicker, with an opportunity of inflammation.

Never l!ck them sort of a child l!cks plate after a sweet meal

L!cking is one among the thanks to please a woman’s br-=e@-=$ts. Still, you want to be dignified as you are doing it, don’t make it appear as if you’re trying to l!ck paint off a chinaware.

Don’t get too naughty


We like to get frisky with our partners but a h!ckey also can be painful which could again cause the formation of connective tissue . It are often potentially harmful – so don’t get too carried away!

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