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World’s Strangest Festivals will Make You Say WTF!

8. Night of the Radishes, Mexico

On December 23, the Mexican city of Oaxaca creates the foremost unusual Christmas atmosphere with the help of the littlest amount expected vegetable — the radish. The locals use it to carve whimsical figures and expose them to the delight of passersby and curious travellers. the foremost topic is, of course, Christmas, but crafty artisans and amateurs don’t limit their imagination. They create peculiar folk scenes out of giant radishes grown especially for the festival. Very inspiring!

7. Day of Silence, Bali

The New Year in Bali is completely different from what we’re used to . Unlike most countries where this holiday comes with parties and crowded celebrations, Balinese people take the prospect to welcome the beginning of the year in peace and calm.

On Nyepi Day, the Day of Silence, all the residents on the island (including tourists) are obliged to follow several very strict rules: no fire, no travel, no activity, no entertainment. These rules require traffic and electricity to be close up (with the exception of the emergency services) for subsequent 24 hours to allow for self-reflection, meditation, and relaxation.

What if we all let ourselves have a Nyepi Day from time to time?

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