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World’s Strangest Festivals will Make You Say WTF!

10. Saidai-Ji Eyo Hadaka Festival, Japan

Japan rates this festival together of the very best 3 most “eccentric,” and it’s hard to argue. The Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Festival could also be a male-only, practically naked event that gathers participants during a temple to catch 2 “shingi” — lucky sticks. the only thing the lads are allowed to wear could also be a loincloth. Although the event takes place in February, it’s not cold within the smallest amount within the temple because the participants huddle as they strive to grab the items . Once an individual gets it, he are often sure that luck won’t recoil from him. Looks very sporty.

9. Hair Freezing Day, Canada

These pictures will cause you to feel frozen albeit it’s summertime. But just imagine what proportion fun the Hair Freezing Contest must be!

Every February, you’ll go hot and cold within the Takhini Hot Pools in Canada and even raise money at the same time. the principles are simple: all you’d wish to possess is hair, the willingness to travel out in −20°F, and slightly patience. Once you’re within the recent springs, you dip your hair into the water, take it out, and wait. All the rest are getting to be done by the cold. As soon as you’re feeling the air performing its frozen magic (which takes some time), start working on your hairdo. Take a photograph , and thus the simplest one wins the prize.

Sounds like a perfect winter attraction for people who aren’t huge fans of skiing.

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