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12 Bathroom Habits That Could Be Wrecking Your Health

Shaving your b!kini area

V@g!n@l hair containing pheromones attracts the other $-=ex. Besides, they protect the body from external bacteria. When shaving your vagina within the bathroom, if you’re not careful, you’ll cause damage, skin infection when exposed to an area filled with bacteria. If you would like to ‘clean’ your gen!t@l$, you ought to use specialized equipment or attend cosmetic facilities for the simplest service.

What to try to to instead:

Use special shaving equipment which is exclusively for ladies if you favor to possess your body totally clean down there. for instance , a women’s razor and shaving soap for intimate hygiene. However, you shouldn’t use soap because it won’t be suitable for your sensitive skin.

Waxing is another better option for removing your hair from down there. If you decide to wax down there, then have a specialist roll in the hay for you as you shouldn’t roll in the hay yourself.

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