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12 Bathroom Habits That Could Be Wrecking Your Health

Many people have a habit of pulling the ends of the hair up to the highest of the top and massage when washing because they think it can clean the ends of the hair, but actually this action makes the hair become frizzy and more susceptible to breakage. albeit you employ conditioner, your hair won’t get smoother. to not mention, the scalp can become sticky, partly thanks to this habit.

A toilet bowl in a standard bathroom, alone contains 3.2 million bacteria and if we aren’t careful with our actions these germs can spread everywhere without us even realizing it. this will cause us to urge an infection, acne, or maybe an indigestion .

So, here are 12 bathroom habits which might be dangerous for our health:

Not washing your hands after urinating

If you are doing not wash your hands after urinating, it can cause bacteria and toxins which were flushed out of your body to re-enter your body again via your hands. this will end in sickness and disease.

What to do:

Always wash your hands after urinating because this helps in washing off the microscopic viruses, germs, and bacteria which could affect your health.

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