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10 Reasons Why Women Should Stop Wearing Bras

From causing saggy bre@$ts, skin irritation, and pressure lines round the body to costing tons of cash , bras won’t be as harmless as they appear . Whether they’re push-ups, lace, sports or strapless bras, all of them accompany varying levels of discomfort. Social norms and our own habits might make us wear bras on a day to day , but it looks like sometimes rules are often broken for your own comfort.

No sweat under the bre@$ts anymore!

Hot days are nice until you begin feeling that uncomfortable under-bre@$t sweat. during this case, wearing a bra can make a situation worse — it’ll just rub the unpleasant moisture into your skin. Instead, going braless and letting your skin breathe will help it to easily evaporate, supplying you with a fresh and enjoyable feeling.

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