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10 Pictures You Need To Look Twice At To Understand

From time to time, each folks finishes up taking unsuccessful photos, like ones where we’ve half-closed eyes or a wierd grimace. But even once we actually look great within the frame, there’s always the likelihood that something strange and funny is occurring within the background. then the foremost trivial shot turns into a masterpiece.

There’s something spooky going on…

via: Imgur The arm in the middle seems like it belongs to the woman on the left… But it doesn’t! The next one is way too cute…

OK this is hilarious…

Because it looks like the guy in the background is actually tiny and riding the woman on the right like a horse. It’s just a black stripe on her shirt though, not his legs!

Someone’s got cold feet, apparently

A last-ditch attempt to remain a bachelor on the bottom of his shoes. TBH, it’s pretty impressive he didn’t put the letters on upside down backward. This took a lot of forethought that he apparently didn’t put into popping the question.

The incredible floating lady

It’s so embarrassing when you and your floor accidentally wear the same outfit. But also where are her legs?

This friendly stingray was wanting to participate within the proposal.

This girl seems to be the happiest person within the world.

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