10 Best Movie @d-ult Scenes of 2020 So Far


7. Seberg (2020)

Starring Kristen Stewart, ‘Seberg’ is another political thriller set within the 1960s. It centers on a French new wave actress, Jean Seberg, and shows how the FBI targetted her due to her relationship with Black Panther activist Hakim Jamal and her involvement within the civil rights movements. early within the film, there’s a $e-x scene between Kristen Stewart and Anthony Mackie, who play the roles of Jean and Hakim, respectively. during this scene, the camera focuses on the couple for a couple of brief moments then pops focus while they still roll in the hay . The film also further complements this scene with voyeurism by showing how FBI agents, who have tapped Hakim’s phone, are taking note of everything that’s happening .

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