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10 Best Movie @d-ult Scenes of 2020 So Far

8. Shirley (2020)

Based on Susan Scarf Merrell’s book of an equivalent name, ‘Shirley’ revolves round the titular horror writer who finds inspiration for her new book from a young couple who enter her home. Right from the jump, the film establishes its $e-xual themes by depicting a never-seen-before train $e-x scene. within the opening scene itself, Fred and Rose, a loving couple, catch a train to Bennington College after Fred is invited to offer a guest lecture there. While they’re at it, Rose finishes reading Shirley Jackson’s controversial story ‘The Lottery’ and instantly gets triggered. Moments later, the couple head to an empty train compartment bathroom and have $e-x. The film then uses this scene to make a striking contrast between the loving couple and Shirley and Stanley’s disputatious relationship.

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