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Top 20 World’s H0ttest Female YouTubers of 2020

The definition of words like popularity and celebrity has rapidly changed within the 21st century. With the beginning of a replacement digital era and social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter and video sharing platforms like YouTube, anyone with enough talent can live a celebrity-like life. Both male and feminine stars are gaining an equivalent respect and love and that they became a neighborhood of people’s daily lives.

During this article, we are covering the 20 H0=ttest female YouTubers, who have earned a special space within the platform. Sorting out only 20 ladies from an enormous list isn’t something easy and that we may have missed some people- but I hope we’ll cover them within the upcoming lists.

1. SSSniperWolf

SSSniperWolf is a super cool YouTuber with a massive 20M+ subscriber base. She is mainly a gamer and her name channel’s name comes from a game character. This young YouTube star is crushing the platform ever since she started her channel. Originally named Alia Shelesh, this young girl is actually from British-Greek-Turkish origin. Besides gaming, SniperWolf also covers all sorts of things including reaction videos, lifehacks, riddles, and many more.

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