Top 17 H0ttest Indian P0-rn Stars of All Time


10. Jayden Jewel

Jewel has been in this p0-rn industry for a long time now and has a long list of experiences. She would love to share it all with you! Want to know what is the longest d1ck she has ever taken in her tight pu-$$y or @ss? How thick was it? Was it painful? Does she like to use lubricant while taking it? Or did she like it rough? She will answer it all with her tongue lking her lips remembering the taste of all those seamen’s she has ever tasted. Even if Jayden Jewel is blindfolded she will know you by the lk of your semen. Amazed by her skills? Who won’t be? Right! If you have a long thick cock you might get an invitation from her tonight, so be prepared.

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