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Top 10 World’s Richest Female Pr0 stitutes That Will Blow Your Mind

Who says only a businessman or an entrepreneur can make money in millions and billions? No business is a private venture and the pr0-$titution business is certainly not an independent company. Who says just cubicle specialists can play in millions and billions? All things considered, let me illuminate a portion of the world’s most extravagant whores, figures which will knock your socks off!

Here, we got some world’s richest female pr0-stitutes which will cost you some more you you actually thought about. Have a look at these richest female pr0-stitutes .

Zahia Dehar

According to rumors, Zahia Dehar is replica of Barbie doll and she charges Rs.80000 per night.Zahia Dehar enters the rundown at the tenth position. The gossipy tidbits have it that she has looks so stunning that she conveys the tag of being imitation of a barbie doll.

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