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Indian Celebrities Who Found Love Across The Border In Pakistan

They say, love knows no boundaries, no color, no caste, no creed, no race. it’s as pure as water and as colorful as a rainbow. the guts wants what the guts wants and you can’t do much about it. Be it across the border or behind the bars, love finds its way.

There are quite number of Indian celebrities who fell for Pakistani actors and sportsmen. a number of them live happily ever after, while others are enjoying their never after! regardless of who finishes up with whom it gives them tons of media attention and controversies. Also then comes into picture the Indo-Pak aggression, which doesn’t affect the pure bond of affection between the 2 love birds.

Amrita Rao And Farhan Saeed

The two met in 2008 and instantly sparks flew. “Vivah” Actress met the “Jal” vocalist in 2008 and instantly their cords struck. Both of them were often seen together at public gatherings. Not even Media is aware on when these guys broke up.We don’t skills and when the romance ended, but it did.

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