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15 Famous Bollywood Celebrities Have Done B-Grade Movies

Stardom is not an overnight success which one can get. It requires continuous efforts day and night and only then one can go one step ahead. Whether it is Bollywood or Television, struggle is all that one needs to get into limelight, though this excludes all those kids who belong from a film star’s family. Modeling is the first step on the ladder of success, and then many struggling actors are offered B-Grade movies. Actors even accept those offers in the hope of getting bigger roles next time. Out of many there are some fortunate actors who get clean roles after acting in B-Grade movies. Many Bollywood stars have worked in B-grade movies who started their career from B-Grade films.

Manisha Koirala

In her era, Manisha Koirala worked with all the big stars. He was one of the most beautiful actresses of the 90s. But on the slopes of his career, he made a controversial B grade film like “A Little Love Story”. Later, he requested a stay order on the film, because some scenes of the movie seem to be offensive.

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